DYNICE™ Rope Applications

The DYNICE™ rope is an engineering rope. Its low weight combined with high tenacity opens up new markets and applications. In general the strength of a DYNICE™ rope is comparable with that of a steel wire of same diameter. DYNICE™ 75 ropes, which are made of the new Dyneema® SK75 fibre, are even stronger than steel wire ropes of the same size. Handling a rope with a breaking strength of several hundred tons is no obstacle for one man.

DYNICE™ ropes are durable due to their good resistance to both mechanical and environmental attack. Their properties are not affected by sea water and oil and commonly used chemicals do not affect the rope. The resistance to UV light is good and the rope shows a good abrasion resistance. In some cases, however, additional protection is advisable. This may be in the form of a braided or extruded cover. Tension-tension fatigue is very good and bending-bending fatigue is also good. There proves to be no need for special restriction on the D/d ratio when working a DYNICE™ rope over sheaves and pulleys but a D/d ratio of 10 or more is, however, recommended. Because of their unique properties, ropes made of Dyneema® fibres continue to enter new markets. Among common applications are:

Marine and offshore Fisheries Industry, mining, forestry
  • Lifting strops
  • Mooring ropes
  • Tug ropes
  • Emergency Towing Systems (ETS)
  • Pick-up lines
  • Buoy lines
  • Seismic lines


  • Gilsons
  • Headlines
  • Sweep lines
  • Round strops
  • Riblines
  • Purse seine lines
  • Warps
  • Codend lines
  • Utility ropes
  • Lifting ropes
  • Pulling ropes
  • Hauling ropes
  • and others