The unique properties of the Dyneema® fibre have given it a wide range of applications. Its high energy absorption makes Dyneema® an ideal material for personal ballistic protection such as police and military vests and helmets. The same qualities are exploited in protection against cuts and puncture and in composites for protection against impact. Cut-resistant gloves, fencing suits and chain-saw hoses are good examples of this.

Sailing products made of Dyneema® have gained wide acceptance in applications such as halyards, lowstretch sails and hull protection; here, relatively small amounts of Dyneema® fibres are incorporated in glass fibre-reinforced polyester which will greatly increase the damage tolerance of the hull.

The low weight of Dyneema®, combined with its high strength, make it possible to produce ropes with very special characteristics. The ropes float on water, are flexible and have low elongation. Their strength is higher than that of steel wire of the same diameter and they are much easier to handle. Abrasion resistance and fatigue are good by any standards, resulting in a long-lasting rope. The low weight and elongation serve well to reduce the effects of backlash on breakage, making the DYNICE™ rope safer to work with.

Heavy-duty DYNICE™ ropes made of Dyneema® are used to replace conventional ropes and wire in the marine and offshore industry as well as in commercial fisheries. Applications include emergency towing and salvage systems, mooring and tugging, and as pick-up lines, heaving strops, gilsons, headlines, expansion ropes, selvedge lines, purse seine lines and more.