Dyneema® fibres are produced from polyethylene and do not contain any aromatic rings, nor any amide, hydroxylic or other chemical groups that are susceptible to attack by aggressive agents. The result is a highly crystalline fibre with excellent resistance to water, moisture, most chemicals, UV light and micro-organisms. Dyneema® fibres do not swell or hydrolyse in water, sea water or moisture.


Effect of various chemicals and solvents on Dyneema®
  Unaffected Slightly affected Seriously affected
Destilled water x    
Sea water x    
10% detergent x    
Hydrochloric acid (pH=0) x    
Nitric acid (pH=1) x    
Glacial acetic acid x    
Ammonium hydroxide x    
Sodium hydroxide (pH>14)   x  
Petrol x    
Kerosene x    
Tolulene x    
Perchlorethylene x