Dyneema® - the world's strongest fiber™

All DYNICE™ products are made of DSM’s Dyneema® fibres. These fibres are in commercial production since 1990 at a plant in the Netherlands. Through research and development DSM has been able to improve the performance of the Dyneema® fibre considerably. The first commercial grade SK60 had a tenacity of 2.8 N/tex, whereas the later grade of SK75 is manufactured at a tenacity of 3.5 N/tex – an increase of 25%.

The basic material of Dyneema® is Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE), a material closely related to normal Polyethylene used inropes and netting in an extruded monofilament form. Here the similarity ends.
The unique characteristics of the Dyneema® fibre are achieved through a gel-spinning process where the molecules of the UHMWPE are dissolved in a solvent and spun through a spinneret. As the fibre is drawn, a very high level of macromolecular orientation is attained, resulting in a fibre with a very high tenacity and modulus. It is characterized by a parallel orientation greater than 95% and a high level of crystallinity of up to 85%. This creates the unique properties of Dyneema®.

DYNICE™ is a trademark of Hampidjan
Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM