High strength, low elongation

Dyneema® SK60 is a multipurpose grade. Among other things it is used for ropes, cordage and nets. The tenacity of the fibre is 2.8 N/Tex or 32 grams per denier. Dyneema® SK75 has higher tenacity and modulus than SK60. This fibre is used where the highest performance is needed and maximum weight savings are to be attained. Its tenacity is 3.5 N/Tex or 40 grams per denier and its specific modulus 120 N/Tex, as against 91 for SK60.
Other properties such as elongation are similar for both fibre types, marginally higher for Dyneema® SK75 at 3.7%.

Low elongation combined with low weight gives a low energy storage. If a rope breaks, the failure is often sequential. This releases the energy in steps, further reducing the risk of backlash. Due to these factors, the risk of DYNICE™ ropes causing harm is much lower than in the case of wire ropes or polyamide ropes, although it is not nil.