• Reduced costs
    Ropes with Dyneema cost more than wire or other synthetic ropes, but the total cost over the entire service life is significantly lower. This is due to the longer lifetime, ease of handling, faster mooring, lower maintenance and increased safety. All these elements contribute to a short payback time of your investment.
  • Increased safety
    Economic savings and increasing safety are often conflicting. But by using mooring lines with Dyneema, there is no reason to sacrifice one for the other. Dynice™ weighs only a fraction of equally strong steel wire and synthetic ropes. This makes it easy to handle, which helps cut the physical workload for the crew members on board. Also fewer back and hand injuries can be expected because these ropes are soft and much lighter. Dynice™ does not store energy like a conventional rope or wire cable and due to its low elongation the risk of potentially damaging backlash when a mooring line breaks is minimized as is hand injury from broken wire strands and back injury from lifting heavy cable.