Fairplay counts on Dynice Cover towing ropes

Mooring Solutions at SMM 2010


27 August 2010: The Mooring Solutions GmbH, in its first SMM appearance, presents three novelties from Hampidjan – one of the leading manufacturers of efficient Dyneema® towing rope solutions (DyiceTM).

Since the beginning of the year, new IMO regulations (MSC 84/24/Add.1 ANNEX 2) apply to passenger and cargo ships, to regulate the use of towing ropes in emergency cases. Mooring Solutions offers a new emergency towing system ETS with Dynice towing rope, with maximum loading capacity according to the new safety regulations.

Dynice ETS – 2000 was developed for ships with up to 50,000 DWT, Dynice ETS – 4000 for ships over 50,000 DWT. The figures stand for the demanded minimum breaking load of 2000 kN or 4000 kN in accordance with the SOLAS standard. Each ETS package consists of a 122-meter long launching line and a towing rope with 56 or 80-millimetre diameter. The system is stowed in a practical carrier container.

As the second innovation, Mooring Solutions introduces the new Dynice Cover towing rope. The special feature: the Dyneema towing rope is equipped with an additional Dyneema sheath that makes the line resistant to abrasion and weather influences. Dynice Cover is between 20 and 43 percent thinner in diameter, for the same breaking load, in comparison with a previously available Dyneema towing rope. An example: a 62 millimetre Dynice Cover rope features a guaranteed breaking load of more than 200 tons or 2,000 kN and thereby weighs only about 185 kilograms per 100 metres – in comparison with a conventional towing rope or steel cables unbeatable performance parameters.

Dynice Cover is the ideal wire replacement, and it is suitable for all applications in which particu-larly high loads occur, for example, in towage and salvage or in the offshore industry. Fairplay, one of Europe’s leading tugboat operators with an ultra-modern fleet for towage assistance in the entire North and Baltic Sea coast, counts on Dynice Cover towing ropes with a breaking load of 314 tons. In addition, the emergency salvage tug "Baltic", with significantly over 100 tons of bollard pull the most powerful emergency tug stationed in the German Baltic Sea, is equipped with Dynice Cover towing ropes including a helicopter towing rope inside the net with a breaking load of 268 tons.

In comparison with current steel cables, Dyneema towing rope convinces with its light weight nature, extreme easy of handling, better performance, water resistance and durability as well. In addition, Dyneema is much safer: unlike a steel cable, a Dyneema rope does not recoil upon breaking (no energy storage). Not least, for this reason, Mooring Solutions made it their long-term task to eliminate steel cables from the maritime industry.

Last but-not-least important – Mooring Solutions developed the so-called Snubbing Line for the Megayacht industry. This anchor chain pre-feeder from Dyneema towing rope corresponds to the breaking load of the anchor chain. The Snubbing Line is drawn into the chain by loop shack-les to prevent chafing from the chain inside the hawsepipe and to reduce unpleasant noise and vibrations inside the ship.

Mooring Solutions on the SMM: Open space A1.FG11