Anchor Ropes and Offshore Solutions

Ropes made with Dyneema provide the unique combination of extreme strength, lightweight and narrow diameter necessary for offshore industries such as rig mooring, deep-sea operations, anchor handling, or offshore positioning. Because these ropes float, they are perfect for use in water, as they remain visible and avoid becoming tangled with subsurface objects. Their low elongation and high degree of stiffness give users greater control and faster handling. Their resistance to the elements means they last longer than other ropes.

MODU Mooring Lines

Ropes made with Dyneema provide an optimal solution to the need faced by leading oil producers to drill and produce oil in deep and ultra-deep water, using mobile offshore drilling units (MODUs) in the most cost-effective way possible:

  • Low transportation costs
  • Low operational costs
  • Low additional equipment costs
  • Longer service life

Snubbing Lines

The snubbing lines of Mooring Solutions are anchor chain pre-feeders from Dyneema towing ropes, which correspond to the breaking load of the anchor chain. The snubbing line is drawn into the chain by loop shackles. It avoids noise and vibrations caused by the rubbing anchor chain inside the hawspipe and will let the owner sleep better. This solution is very popular especially in the super yacht segment.