Emergency tugboat "Baltic"
In order to reinforce the emergency towing capacities at the German Baltic Sea coast, the ARGE Küstenschutz, an alliance of the leading German tugboat operators Bugsier, Fairplay and URAG, have awarded a contract to the Spanish shipyard Astilleros Armon for building a new emergency salvage boat. This special boat with over 100 tons of bollard pull and a speed of 16.5 knots will be the most powerful tugboat that is stationed in the German Baltic Sea. Mooring Solutions equips the "Baltic" with three high-performance towing ropes, including a helicopter towing rope in a net. The material involved is 62-millimeter Dynice Cover towing rope with a breaking load of 268 tons.

ASD tugboat "Fairplay X"
Hamburg based tugboat operator Fairplay uses ultra-modern vehicles for the entire North and Baltic Sea coast for harbour towage assistance. The ASD tugboat "Fairplay X" stationed in Hamburg and put in service in 2009 and with a bollard pull of 70 tons is among the latest and most modern tugboats in the fleet. The vehicle is equipped by Mooring Solutions as the first Fairplay tugboat with two 120-metres long Dynema Cover towing ropes with a breaking load of 314 tons.

Wappen Reederei
Hamburg's shipping company Wappen Reederei operates a fleet of innovative tank and container ships. Mooring Solutions has three oil tankers - the "Wappen von Hamburg", "Wappen von Bayern" and "Wappen von Leipzig" equipped with highly efficient 52-millimeter MOVLINE PLUS fibre towing ropes. The mooring lines are used for the demanding ship-to-ship bunker transfer on sea.

Federal Office for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography (BSH)
The Federal Office for Maritime Shipping and Hydrography (BSH), as a national organisation, is partner for shipping, maritime environment, and science. For the extensive performance spectrum, the BSH operates its own fleet of five research, survey, and wreckage searching ships. Mooring Solutions has delivered, a 12-millimeter Dynice line with 275 metres in length, to the BSH for taking sea-floor samples.